Sportsbook solution for Bars and Venues

If you own one or more bars or other places where sports fans congregate to enjoy the games, we can help you make your establishment even more entertaining.

Our retail platform can be deployed easily and without expensive costs and our team takes care of all the gaming management for you.

You only have to concentrate on marketing and selling the bets and we provide you with all the rest.

  • Very easy interface to process bets

    no previous experience required by yourself or your staff to start selling sports bets. Our system is that easy to use

  • Fully managed Sportsbook

    our team manages the odds and monitors all the betting activity so you don’t need to be a sports betting specialist to start

  • 24/7 support

    our team is online to assist you with any queries 7 days a week and 24 hours a day

  • Minimal set-up costs

    Exaloc charges very low set up fees and no expensive hardware is required so you can start your sports betting business with very little investment

  • 24/7 betting entertainment

    Your players will be able to bet before and during thousands of sporting events every month and can also enjoy high quality Virtual Sports betting around the clock

  • Exciting odds presentation

    Showcase the Live Betting offer on TV displays and distribute readymade printouts to advertise your betting offering